Guatemalan, Montecristo, 100% Geisha, Direct Trade

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Easily one of the top coffees we’ve ever had the opportunity to taste has been our new Guatemalan Don Gustavo Geisha, a stunning cup, bright citrus and tropical fruit notes with an incredibly smooth body and a candy like finish. It is grown at 1600 Meters above sea level alongside Bourbons and Caturra coffee plants and macadamia nut trees which provide shade for this coffee.  We have been working with Johann Nottebohm now for 5 years.

Aromas of tropical fruit complimented with an Orange zest acidity and a candy-like sweetness with a clean, smooth body with hints of Papaya in the finish. Guatemala Geisha Overview: ?COUNTRY: Guatemala ?REGION: San Marcos ?FARM: Montecristo ?FARM PLOT NAME: Fratello ?FARM OWNER: Johann Dieter Nottebohm ?PRODUCER: Don Gustavo ?VARIETALS: Geisha ?ELEVATION: 45280 feet ?PROCESSING METHOD: Double washed, soaked, sun dried on patio. ?LOT SIZE: This tiny 6 bag nano-lot is 100% exclusive to Fratello Coffee Roasters. The Montecristo Estate is a Rainforest Alliance certified farm. It has schools, housing and many other facilities for its many permanent workers as well as for any workers that come just for the harvest. The schools are also available for the surrounding community that does not work for the farm. Montecristo has been part of the community for over 40 years, and the farm manager, Don Gustavo, has been a vital part of it for over 30 years!