Feature Cafes

Le Garage

Located in the heart of old St. Boniface, Le Garage is one of Winnipeg’s best eateries and live entertainment spots. We joined together to provide a unique cafe experience and roast profile in harmony with the famous French Quarter. Today, we provide ongoing support and services to the cafe, and all of their catering commitments, including Winnipeg’s own Festival du Voyageur. Did you know Festival-ers consume almost 500 cups of coffee every lunch hour during the fest? We understand the demand for great coffee and continuously strive to provide Le Garage with fresh seasonal recipes and beverages.

Oakridge Garden Store and Cafe

A.M Coffee and the Oakridge Garden Store and Café came together to achieve a coffee culture that matched and fit with the café and its clients. Today we are proud to not only support Oakridge café with direct trade coffees from around the world, but we take satisfaction in knowing that the café staff can educate their loyal customers about the coffee they’re drinking, from farm to brew. We’re more than a supplier; we are continuously working with the café owners and staff to provide the best quality products and service. From new exciting recipes to seasonal beverages, we try to be a working partner committed to the success of Oakridge Garden Store and Café.