What are my options for ordering product?

Our pre-write delivery system is preferred by the majority of our clients. On this program your dedicated service rep will visit your office every two weeks to check your product supply, prepare and submit an order for you based on your needs and have it delivered within two business days. With this efficient system you can scratch ordering for the break room off your ‘to do’ list.

The Old Fashioned Way: Phone, Fax or Email.

Phone us at: 204-954-7445, fax 204-237-9626 or email your service rep.

I’d like to order a product that’s not in your catalog; can you get it for me?

Most of the time, yes. Call us at 204-954-7445 or email us at amcoffee.ca, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll try our very hardest to get it for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Simply stated, we don’t believe in contracts. We believe that providing the best products and equipment at competitive prices with unparalleled customer service will gain and maintain our customers’ loyalty, not a restrictive contract. 

What if my current supplier says I’m under a contract?

It is against the law for your current provider to force you use their service by means of a contract. Your only legal obligation is to return any equipment loaned to you.
If you are having issues about a past contract, please talk with your am coffee representative.

Is there a minimum purchase in order to qualify for free use and servicing of equipment?

No, there is no minimum if you are a company of 30 employees or more. If your company has less than 30 employees, please contact us so we can discuss a rental option that suits your needs.

Are there specific products I must purchase to qualify for free use and servicing of equipment?

Yes.  In order to receive the use of our premium equipment without charge, we must be your sole supplier of coffee and prefer to provide all related items such as cream, sugar, teas, etc.

Why do you sell your coffees whole bean?

Whole beans maintain their freshness longer, whereas coffee that has been ground tends to dry out and lose some of its integrity. We receive our coffees from artisan roasters as whole beans to ensure that you receive the full spectrum of aromatics, freshness and flavors with every pot you brew.

In order to serve your needs, we have a variety of systems available that do the work for you, grinding exactly the amount of coffee you need, whether you’re brewing a single cup or an entire thermos.

Also, buying whole bean coffees in bulk greatly reduces costs associated with extra packaging and handling. This makes it possible to offer direct trade specialty coffees at prices comparable to the mass produced varieties.

Does AM coffee offer Vending services?

You Betcha! A division of our company is called Vend-Tec Group LTD. We are one of the largest vending suppliers in central Canada. We provide full service vending, equipment sales and service, and also have a cash and carry division.

Since AM Coffee offers 100% Arabica, direct trade coffees and brand new premium equipment, won’t this cost me more?

In most cases, our prices work out to be about the same or even less per pound as some of the more commonly used traditional brands. Due to our unique and efficient pre-write delivery program and maintenance of premium grade equipment, our internal customer service costs do run slightly higher. That being said we make every effort to not pass those costs on to our valued clients, as a result our prices are often lower than our competitors.

We are able to absorb these internal costs over the long term due to customer retention and a longer ROI. At the end of the day, it’s far more efficient and profitable to maintain loyal customers than see a high turn over in clientele and receive a shorter ROI. This approach has been massively successful as we can proudly boast that we have very rarely lost a client to a competitor. Please feel free to ask for testimonials.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us with your company info. We’ll address your specific needs with regards to equipment and products of interest to you, and from there we’ll set you up with a convenient installation and delivery date in the near future and you’ll be good to go!