direct trade

Direct Trades

Direct trade coffee, also known as ‘relationship coffee’

is a relatively new term which refers to the purchasing practices of coffee roasters who chose to make a direct relationship with the farmers they buy from.

Our commitment to direct trade allows us to work with the farmers at origin to produce unique flavour profiles which stand out from what is available through the open market.

We get to see the impact that our purchases make, and can ensure that farmers are cared for and follow responsible environmental practices in every step of the process. Our goals are simple. Financially reward the coffee producers we work with for the quality they produce, in order to bring you better quality coffee each year with the hopes of establishing a long lasting relationship.

Simply put, we get to work directly with farmers who are passionate about growing coffee, and who want to produce the best coffee they can.

Why does Direct Trade matter?

  • It provides the ability to find unique coffees which normally would be lost in the mix at cooperatives.

  • The ability to visit the farms and see the impact of our purchases on the plantations staff and that they are following environmental practices first hand.

  • The ability to pay our farms 25% more for their coffees than they would receive by “Fair trade”