Coffee Culture

Bean Coffee

Coffee. If people say it’s the lifeblood of the office, why does it get such a bad rep?

Why do we so often settle for cheap, low quality office swill? Coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage in Canada, and almost half of all coffee drinkers say they need coffee to be productive. 

The lure of the bean began way back in 1902 when New York’s Barcolo Manufacturing initiated a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break. As fast and cheap coffee became the rage, the first coffee vending machines (liquid coffee concentrate and hot water...yikes) popped up, providing a cup of joe in less than 3 seconds. Not until 1952 did the much needed mid day reprieve get its official title, when the Pan-American Coffee Bureau launched an ad campaign encouraging people to “Give Yourself a Coffee-Break, and Get What Coffee Gives To You”. Today, the ritual is commonplace and even protected by law in some offices! What’s your coffee culture?

Wondering why your office coffee is a little lacklustre?

Here are a few hints:

Brewing residue: Common brewing methods often result in tannins being deposited into the brewing machine, and then into your cup of coffee...yuck. Without proper professional service and maintenance, it’s tough to really get it clean. 

Unfiltered water: Brewing with unfiltered water can definitely affect the taste. Even if you’re using the best coffee, brewing with unfiltered water could ruin the whole experience.

Bad beans: Choose your blend, and roaster wisely. Go for a brand that is committed to sustainability and adheres to strict quality controls.